IDT Senior Ballet Camp Dancers Impressed Everyone!

Congratulations to all of the dancers that attended the 2017 IDT Senior Ballet Camp who accepted the challenge of detailed work on mastering ballet technique with IDT Owner/Director, Karissa Molen, and learning a very difficult contemporary ballet piece to an instrumental version of “Bulletproof” choreographed by IDT Ballet Director, Alyssa Conder in only (3) 90 minute classes! Your instructors were as impressed as the crowd who came to watch you perform! Thank you for every dancer for your hard work and to every parent for allowing Karissa and Alyssa to work with your amazing kids! #intensitydanceteam #noregrets

IDT Junior Ballet Camp Was a Huge Success!!


The 2017 IDT Junior Ballet Camp worked on mastering ballet technique as they learned and perfected proper positions, worked on plies, tondos and arabesques withIDT Executive Director, Karissa Molen. They refined across the floor exercises and learned a full contemporary ballet piece to “Lost Boys” choreographed by IDT Ballet Director, Alyssa Conder over the past 3 days. Karissa and Alyssa were so proud of their performance today in front of an adoring crowd and can’t wait to start the 2017-2018 season of the IDT Ballet Program! #intensitydanceteam #noregrets








The Final 2017 IDT Senior Team Summer Dance Camp Impressed Everyone!

The final 2017 IDT Senior Team Summer Dance Camp celebrated the technical, fresh choreography of IDT owner, @karissamolen (Pom, 2017-2018 competition choreography for teams-contemporary and jazz) , IDT Ballet Director @ddalyssa (jazz) and Kaitlyn Burns (Hip Hop) as well as the work ethic and incredible achievements of every dancer who learned 5 pieces in 5 different genres in 3 days/12 hours. Everyone was totally impressed with your performances today! Congratulations! #idtsummerdancecamps2017 #intensitydanceteam #intensitydanceteam #noregrets

IDT Dancers Performed Brilliantly at the 2017 Stadium of Fire!!

Sixteen IDT dancers were honored to perform in the 37th Annual Stadium of Fire at

LaVell Edwards Stadium on July 1, 2017!

Karissa was so proud of their hard work and determination as they performed brilliantly in a very successful professional show!

2017 Specialty Dancers

Only 10 dancers were chosen out of the 546 Stadium of Fire Dancers to be Specialty Dancers!

Karissa was thrilled for Payton Adams and Cami Bay who were selected by the head choreographer, Lauralyn Kofford, and the show’s producers as 2 of the top 10 dancers!

2017 Main Elite Dancers

28 dancers were selected by the head choreographer and producers to be Main Elite Dancers.

Karissa was so proud of Shaylin Adams, Hailey Bredsguard and Raegan Adams for being chosen as 2017 Main Elite Dancers.

2017 Main Dancers

Shaylin Adams, Hailey Bredsguard, Jazzy Rothwell, Summer Ralph, Aislyn Sawyer and

Raegan Adams

2017 Junior Dancers

Jadey Rothwell, Alexia Chadwick, Amara Sawyer, Braly Rothwell, Zaidi Rothwell,

Rubi Gordon, Faith Hendrickson, Jade Pearson


2017 IDT Jazz Mini Summer Dance Camp #2 was unforgettable!!

Karissa was so proud of the IDT Jazz Mini Camp Dancers who learned a full 1:30 Jazz Piece in (3) 90 minute classes filled with Jazz technique (kicks, pirouettes, precision movement)

and all kinds of “sass”!

Thank you to all of the parents and family members who came to cheer them on today! These dancers were pure joy to work with!

#intenstiydanceteam #noregrets #idtsummerdancecamps2017

IDT Creative Movement Summer Camp Was Magical!!

Karissa had so much fun with her dancers at the IDT Creative Movement Summer Dance Camp this week where they created artwork of maps, castles and magical kingdoms. Then they travelled through their map using locomotor movements, level changes, tempo changes and interpretations representing mountains, oceans, and different animals. They showed the shapes of the castles they draw using their bodies and demonstrated how the people of their kingdom celebrated and moved through the land. It was a truly magical time of creating visual art using their imaginations, interpreting their kingdoms through movement and telling a story through the art of dance! #intensitydanceteam #noregrets #idtsummerdancecamps2017#danceshouldbefun

IDT Junior Team Summer Dance Camp Dancers were AMAZING!!

While some of you were taking it easy the past few days, the dancers who attended the IDT Junior Team Summer Dance Camp danced for 4 hours a day over the past 3 days and learned 4 different pieces in 4 different genres!

Thank you to IDT Ballet Director @ddalyssa for the beautiful contemporary! Thank you @kaitlynburns for the intricate Hip Hop! And IDT Director, @karissamolen came through with an unforgettable Pom routine as well as a very sassy Jazz piece!

All of the choreographers and instructors were impressed with this talented group and can’t wait for the next IDT Junior Team Camp (7/10-7/12) where they will teach all new choroegraphy!! #intensitydanceteam #noregrets#idtsummerdancecamps2017

The First 2017 IDT Senior Team Summer Dance Camp Was A Great Success!!

Congratulations to all of the dancers who attended the IDT Senior Team Summer Dance Camp this week for learning 5 different pieces in 5 different genres and then performing all of them for an adoring crowd today at the end of the

3 day/12 hours of dancing camp!

Thank you to @ddalyssa for the beautiful contemporary ballet, Kaitlyn for the amazing hip hop and @karissamolen for the sassy jazz, the energetic Pom routine and the sneak peek into 2017-2018 IDT competition choreography! GREAT choreographers and instructors– Hard working, talented dancers, lunches together– sore muscles and incredible progress made this first 2017 IDT summer camp an incredible success filled with unforgettable memories! The choreographers can’t wait to meet more dancers next week! #intensitydanceteam #noregrets#2017summeridtdancecamps

2017 IDT Spring Concert was INCREDIBLE!!

The collection of 2016-2017 trophies won by all IDT competition teams, along with the article in the Wasatch Wave celebrating IDT’s 2017 AOS Open Dance Nationals Overall Grand Championship Studio Title and the amazing team pictures taken by the incredible photographer,

Tyler Smith (official photographer for UVU and BYU Dance Departments).

The IDT “Prayer Circle” for the traditional team prayer before every performance.

The huge group of all IDT teams (over 150 dancers) along with the volunteer dads (34) after the unforgettable closing number to “Girls Run the World”.

Karissa LOVES all of the amazing IDT Dance MOMS! Thank you for all that you do!!

This is symbolic hug to every one of the IDT dancers who made the 2016-2017 dance season such a great success!!