IDT Dancers Performed Brilliantly at the 2017 Stadium of Fire!!

Sixteen IDT dancers were honored to perform in the 37th Annual Stadium of Fire at

LaVell Edwards Stadium on July 1, 2017!

Karissa was so proud of their hard work and determination as they performed brilliantly in a very successful professional show!

2017 Specialty Dancers

Only 10 dancers were chosen out of the 546 Stadium of Fire Dancers to be Specialty Dancers!

Karissa was thrilled for Payton Adams and Cami Bay who were selected by the head choreographer, Lauralyn Kofford, and the show’s producers as 2 of the top 10 dancers!

2017 Main Elite Dancers

28 dancers were selected by the head choreographer and producers to be Main Elite Dancers.

Karissa was so proud of Shaylin Adams, Hailey Bredsguard and Raegan Adams for being chosen as 2017 Main Elite Dancers.

2017 Main Dancers

Shaylin Adams, Hailey Bredsguard, Jazzy Rothwell, Summer Ralph, Aislyn Sawyer and

Raegan Adams

2017 Junior Dancers

Jadey Rothwell, Alexia Chadwick, Amara Sawyer, Braly Rothwell, Zaidi Rothwell,

Rubi Gordon, Faith Hendrickson, Jade Pearson


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