What Makes IDT different

Karissa Molen-IDT Owner, Director, Choreographer, Instructor

What sets IDT apart from all other studios?

Intensity Dance Team provides an opportunity for young people to belong to a championship competition dance team that requires only 1-3 hours per week in the studio receiving excellent, affordable technical instruction by experienced, educated instructors (BFA or BS in dance) whose goal is to improve self-esteem through the power of dance in a positive atmosphere where dancers are emotionally encouraged, technically trained and prepared to succeed on a performance stage, at a national competition, and in life.

Karissa’s goal is to make dance fun; to use the power of dance to build up these amazing girls while keeping costs/studio time down, and winning!

Remember when dance was fun?

Intensity Dance Team

Definition of Intensity”: Strength, Power, Passion, Brightness of Light.

Intensity Dance Team helps young people find their inner power and strength through dance; allowing their light to shine as brightly as possible.