IDT Company Policies

     Intensity Dance Team (IDT) is a studio that does not tolerate any “mean girl” behavior. All members of IDT are a team and will support one another without any gossip or drama. While Karissa cannot control outside actions, behavior while participating in IDT activities; classes, performances, competitions will be respectful, positive and encouraging. Any dancer that has an issue with another dancer should bring it to the attention of the director, Karissa. She will make sure that every situation is handled with kindness and firm compliance with the team rules. Karissa wants this experience to be positive for everyone. She cannot force the girls to be best friends, but she will expect them to treat one another as respected teammates.
Intensity Dance Team Dancer Code of Conduct

In order to provide a safe space for all dancers, each dancer must follow this code of conduct to ensure clean language, clean spaces, and the optimal environment for individual progress and achievement.

  • Serve as a role model to younger dancers at all times, including appropriate language and behavior. NO foul language or discussion of inappropriate topics.
  • Proper manners should be used at all times to address teachers and classmates. Respect for other team members at all times is a must. No social media bashing.
  • No use of alcohol, illegal drugs or smoking in the studio or during any team activities, performances or competitions.
  • Complete Adherence to anti-bullying policy– NO “mean girl” behavior.
  • Respectful use of studio equipment and cleanliness of all areas of studio (Main Studio, Back Room, hallway and bathroom). Every dancer will clean up after themselves.

Tuition is based upon the number of classes scheduled by the director each month. Karissa’s goal is to keep studio time manageable, with most teams meeting once a week. Attendance greatly affects the confidence level of each dancer. Your dancer’s absence does not affect your tuition bill. If a class is being held, tuition is due. If a student misses a class for any reason, that student will receive a credit towards a 60 minute class of their choice with permission from the office. Please make arrangements for make-up classes with the studio manager. Bills are sent out the last week of each month, with tuition due the first class of each month. Please contact Karissa or the office with any concerns.


If a dancer drops a 60 minute non-team class after registration, the parent must notify the office 2 weeks prior to their withdrawal so the next dancer on the waiting list can enroll in that class for the following month. If a dancer withdraws after the first of the month, full tuition is still due for that month.

     Intensity Dance Team is a team which depends upon the commitment of the dancers to succeed. When a dancer signs up for a competition team, that dancer is expected to fulfill their commitment to the team for the entire dance season (September- June). Once the teams are filled, dancers wanting to join are put on a waiting list. During the 2016-2017 season, IDT had a waiting list of 36 dancers. If a dancer chooses to quit once the dance season has begun, it puts a strain on Karissa who must change formations and choreography, and the team who also has to make changes. It also has prevented another dancer from joining the team. Karissa understands that things may come up that will necessitate a change in team membership. If that situation arises, please contact the office so that competition fees and costume fees can be resolved. If the dancer leaves the team prior to the completion of the competition season (May 28th), there will be a $50.00 early team withdrawal fee assessed to compensate Karissa and the team for the inconvenience of changing choreography. If a dancer does not attend a competition after a commitment has been made and the registration fee has been paid, there will be a $30.00 withdrawal fee added to the reimbursement of the competition registration fee to compensate for changes that will have to be made by Karissa and the team due to that dancer’s absence. A dancer who quits on her team after a competition commitment has been made and the entry fee has been paid, will need to pay the $50.00 early team withdrawal fee in addition to the $30.00 competition withdrawal fee totaling $80.00. That dancer will also need to reimburse Karissa for applicable costume and competition entry fees.  Family emergencies or injuries may qualify for a waiver of these fees. The goal is to encourage all dancers to fulfill commitments to compete with their team and to complete the season so that they can experience the feeling of accomplishment and pride in their success. Please contact the office with any issues.

A dancer who registers for a summer dance camp or summer program at Intensity Dance Team (IDT) commits to attend the specific camp or program for which he or she is registered. Because there are a limited amount of spots in each class, the registration is closed once the limit for that camp/program is reached. If any dancer cancels his/her commitment within 10 days or less of the camp/program’s start date, the full  tuition is still due even if the dancer cannot attend the camp or program.  When the cancellation is 10 days or less before the camp/program beginning, it does not allow sufficient time to contact another dancer on the waiting list who may be able to make arrangements to attend the camp/program. Registration opens 4-6 weeks ahead of each camp/program. Family emergencies and injuries may qualify for a waiver of this fee. This policy is in place to allow as many dancers as possible to attend the great IDT Summer Camps and Summer Programs. Please contact the office with any issues.